Underwriting announcements are accepted for both general informational announcements about an organization/business and for onetime or short-run events.

The 30 second pre-recorded announcements can run approximately four times per day and can be in regular rotation for 30-90 days.

ALL Non-Profit agencies with PSAs will run at no charge.

Business Pricing

4 spots per day = $50 per month/30 day minimum contract

6 spots per day = $75 per month/30 day minimum contract

8 spots per day = $100 per month/60 day minimum contract

WTCF-DB is unable to guarantee when any announcement will run on the radio station.

If an organization needs an announcement to run according to specific schedule, they are encouraged to contact our Executive Director by emailing

Interested organizations should prepare a 90-word script and submit it via, with the subject line being "Underwriting".

Scripts should not include qualitative or comparative language, price information, calls to action, first-person and second-person language, or inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease.


Second Chance Pet Adoptions is a non-profit animal rescue organization serving the Triangle since 1989. Second Chance helps place dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in adoptive or foster homes. Second Chance Pet Adoptions is located one mile west of the state fairgrounds on Chapel Hill Road. Second Chance N-C dot org has photos of prospective pets, adoption applications and information on upcoming adoption events. This announcement is a public service of WTCF-DB.

The Baker Fellows is a collaborative, experiential learning community dedicated to developing ethical leaders for global social change. The program invests in its scholars through tuition and experiential learning stipends. Valued at approximately 20 thousand dollars over three years, it is the only university wide merit fellowship for exceptional students already enrolled at Borderline University. Applicants must be current, full-time undergraduates in their first year of study at Borderline University. Applications are due January 14th and can be completed online at B-D-L-U dot edu slash Frankfort. This announcement is a public service of WTCF-DB.


• Scripts should be 30 seconds long, or approximately 90 words (including any tags)

• Read the script out loud to make sure it sounds right and is about 30 seconds long

• Write in complete sentences

• Use hyphens to indicate when the reader should pause

• Write as you talk.

• F-C-C (hyphens indicate you say each letter aloud)

• Technician Online dot com

• 17-hundred

• If there is any doubt on how to say something, include pronunciation

• Use active words

• Be brief and precise; don’t use ten words when you can say it in six

• Don’t say “Did you know?” Your listeners are going to know in 30 seconds regardless

• Be creative

• Always use the appropriate tags