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WTCF-DB seeks to provide engaging and entertaining content to our community, all through the work of our great volunteers. Our goal is to provide a platform for the voices within our community, no matter the age, race, color or gender.

WTCF-DB is a formatted community radio station. Each weekday, we feature a great mix of Adult and Urban Contemporary music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. 

Evenings and weekends feature a variety of programming that targets local issues, seniors, youth, local sports, special music genres and more. 

The decision to have a formatted community radio station and not a free-form block radio style works well for us because it gives WTCF-DB a professional sound. Also, we don't want our volunteers to have an "anti-radio" outlook. 

WTCF-DB is meant to be a "working classroom", an avenue to expose volunteers to the reality of radio. Our presenters are trained in the "real radio" concept and a formatted station helps them to see how a "real" radio station would work. 

While we will try to avoid the in your face hit radio approach, we believe our presenters will be perfect for a more adult type format. Lastly, a formatted rotation provides a varied and interesting musical experience for listeners. With block programming, listeners tend to turn off with those blocks they may be unfamiliar with

The station will have three objectives: 

(1). Train and educate interested community members in the field of broadcasting who wish to volunteer their services at WTCF-DB (Cyclones Radio).

(2). Serve Frankfort and surrounding areas with high-quality programming that is both entertaining and educational. 

(3). Serve Frankfort and surrounding areas with information that the residents can use in their daily lives and that stimulates positive interaction between the local residents and the surrounding community.