WTCF-DB is one of many commercial and non-commercial AM and FM radio stations in the Frankfort/Lexington radio market that broadcast online. 

Most radio stations try to format their programming with a style of music or news unique to their market. 

That’s why some stations play country music and some play classical music, while others feature a lot of news, sports and talk shows. Hence the market is “segmented” into radio stations with different formats. 

Over the planning phase, WTCF-DB has developed a unique niche in our market. We are the only internet only community radio station in the Franklin County area. 

Unlike most radio stations, the goal of WTCF-DB is not to focus on a certain style of music, but rather a certain quality of music and programming.

Anyone who has listened to any commercial radio station anywhere in the country can attest that governmental deregulation and the ensuing conglomeration of the radio industry has led to a dramatic drop in the variety and quality of FM radio programming. 

Community radio has been a spectator to those developments and is left with the task of serving as an alternative to the prepackaged rotation radio has become. 

WTCF-DB cannot compete with large commercial stations, run by full-time professionals with large budgets, for major shares of the listening audience as a whole. 

We can, however, provide an alternative for those who grow tired of listening to the same old songs and commercials. Our commitment to offering an alternative to mainstream commercial radio has earned WTCF-DB a large and loyal listener base in the internet radio market.